From my friend  JENS JERNDAL
M.D.(MA), M.Sc.(Econ.), D.Sc.h.c.
Former Professor of Holistic Medicine
To All.
Are you aware that all of us normal people on Earth are now facing the most dangerous and far-reaching attack ever, on our very lives, personal freedoms and human rights?

These are the cold facts, and I have never been more serious. -

The artificially created fake plague and everything done in its name is only the first phase of a global coup d´état, which is now entering its final, decisive phase.

If this coup succeeds, our possibilities for personal choices and independent action will be gone for good.

The initial purpose of this coup is to establish direct communication between the Central Command  of the Fifth generation of wifi on the one hand, and electro-magnetic nanobots or chips in our bodies and brains on the other hand.  And how can these get into our bodies? -They are secretly implanted with the DNA-modifying injections masquerading as "wakzeenes" against Covid, that we are all being urged to take.

This enables total mental and physical control  of every "wackzeeneered" human being on the planet. My weird spelling of certain keywords is to escape the ever vigilant censorship algorithms we are now submitted to by social media and mail servers.

The control is exercised by anonymous technocrats in a data centre of unknown location. Or even automatically by programmed  algorithms. Feels very reassuring, doesn't it?

This global coup d'état is like a global extended terrorist attack on the entire human race as it has evolved organically over the millennia on our amazing, unique planet.  An evolution that has occurred in ecological symbiosis with an unimaginably inventive, diverse and abundant Nature, whose continued existence is now also threatened by the massively raised levels of radiation on never before used microwave frequencies.

Yes, Five Gee is potentially THAT devastating, according to the most advanced independent science, which of course is censored by the technocrat mafia and their media. And it threatens ALL LIFE on our planet.

The coup-makers are a handful of dogmatically technocratic psychopaths. Who are also greedy multi-billionaires and apparently claim ownership of the entire planet and all life on it. With the right to do whatever they want with us normal people, as if we were their privately owned livestock. So much for their lip service to "democracy" and "equality".  Or "Law & Order".

Their assault is specifically against everything that makes us humanIn particular our "unscientific" spiritual side, i.e. love, compassion, solidarity, imagination, creativity.

Including our invisible dimension of consciousness, intuition, thoughts, ideas, as well as the emotional experience of beauty and happiness.

Psychopaths are unable to relate to, or even understand, what it means to be human. And the psychopaths behind the current deadly terrorist attack are also fanatical supporters of a new perverse technocratic cult they call Transhumanism.

Transhumanism is about "improving" us humans by connecting us wirelessly to a database in the digital "cloud" and merging us with a central global - or even galactic or cosmic - data centre or digital brain. Yes, these are their own words

They want to abolish gender, sex and procreation. Remember, they are incapable of normal human emotions! - Instead, they want to "improve" on existing species, evolved in natural symbiosis over millions of years, including Homo Sapiens, by genetic manipulation. Which means transforming us all into Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs. Competing with Nature, or God.

Yes, they seriously believe that they can improve nature by genetic manipulation, and create perfect children in a laboratory! With just the characteristics they want. Just as with artificial food.

What a tragic lack of real insight and true intelligence! -

Shall we really allow ourselves to be duped and destroyed by a handful of power-mad and deranged psychopaths? 

The only possible answer is a resounding NO! - We are much more powerful than they are, if we just wake up, overcome all fear and get organized.

We also have the common sense our attackers lack, and which is so necessary for both survival and happiness.

So far, they have used our fear of death, our unsuspecting gullibility, and a rigged system, to gain power over us and exploit us, just as political rulers have done throughout the ages.

The big difference from the past is the technological resources available to the powers-that-be of today. But the other side of that coin is that We, the People,  also have access to the new technology with exponentially more information than ever before, literally at our fingertips. Besides, the now surging Future Paradigm insists on Transparency, and no longer tolerates secrecy. So, the coup-makers won´t find anywhere to hide.

Fear is one of the worst scourges of humanity and a sure path to defeat and destruction.

Fear is also a dictator's best weapon for subduing and controlling a population. It´s not Covid-19 or any Corona virus we need to fear. It´s our own imposed, unfounded fear that will bring us down.

Fearlessness and determined action is the only road  to freedom and success.

By focusing on the following four facts, we can defeat them, scrapping their plans to destroy us as conscious and independent representatives of Humanity:

1) We are many more than they are. At least a million to each one of them!

2) Some of us have far deeper insights into their plans than they ever imagined possible.

3) We all need to work together, effectively, tirelessly, and in solidarity. Openly, without fear.

4) The internet and smartphones make communication, coordination and cooperation easy.  That our opponents have access to everything we say and do is of less importance, as long as we stick together, close ranks, and stand firm. The Truth is on our side.

Crucial to victory is getting on our side a critical number of functionally important people without whose blind obedience our opponents become powerless. I am thinking in terms of police, military, key people in data communications, administration, transport, and all kinds of essential services.

Do not underestimate what is at stake! - This is a world war and for most of us it´s first of all about personal survival! - For those who survive, it is then about a minimum of freedom, human dignity and integrity.

Cowering in terrified subservience saves no one's life.

Many communication centres are now needed for coordinated action and passive resistance respectively. This requires coordinated global action.

So speak up and make yourselves known, all of you who recognize the seriousness and urgency of this appeal, and start organizing! - You are not alone, and together you are powerful.

Those with accounts on Telegram can start communicating and creating groups there immediately. There you will find like-minded friends.

If you are not yet on Telegram, it´s easy to sign up, or you may find another new, independent platform that works as well where you are.

Forget Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc - they all belong to the enemy and will remove anything that does not benefit the coup makers and their plans. Even regular email servers are beginning to censor our personal mails!

Communication, information, planning and coordination will of course mostly happen by phone or computer, non-locally, but the end result still depends on concrete local initiatives and personal interaction. Decentralization of all practical needs is the key to survival and success.

So, what are you waiting for?  - You will never get a better chance to make a difference.

Mount your virtual horse, and ride to Life,Love and  Freedom,  fighting for Peace, Truth, Justice and Abundance!