Counteracting Health Misinformation A Role for Medical Journals?

I read an amazing article in JAMA

Counteracting Health Misinformation A Role for Medical Journals?


Paul W. Armstrong, MD1,2; C. David Naylor, MD, DPhil3

It’s found at the location below.

 Table 2


This is just marvellous!

Here the medical journals seems to take on a very necessary task. Just remember what Fiona Goodlee and other medical journal editors have written for many years, at least half of the medical literature is fake.

If the medical journals really wanted to stop the false information they can do that within a few months. Of course, the journals wouldn’t get as much in revenues from the drug selling companies as the drug selling companies are the major economic contributors.

Just look at the task “Containment of dissemination”.

I just wonder who will be the referee here? To limit the capacity of social media is already on it’s way. Just look at Wikipedia about Thincs and Thincs’ members and other censorships already made. When Wikipedia was new the articles were supposed to be corrected by all users so eventually the thruth will pop up. But now it seems that Wikipedia has a lot of paid censors quenching the thruth. I have a strong smell of more censorship lurking around the corner.

I agree with the goals and means of “General immunity through science literacy”, Health-specific inoculation and education” and “Debunking myths and discrediting purveyors”

If everyone is sitting stuck in the conventional Group think what will happen to evolution of science? We all know what happened to Kepler, Gallileo and other persons that did not accept Group think. But the true science will prevail.

But who will be the referee here? Anyone with any ties to the pharmacological companies must be disqualified from any connection to medical committees of any kind. There are a lot of persons with far more knowledge, scientific thinking and a strong sense of justice. Those persons are the ones that can be the new committee members to steer the false research into real science.

Then we will see that

  1. having enough salt, more than 15 grams per day, in the food decreases the blood pressure,
  2. stop eating statins to improve quality of life and increase life span,
  3. recommending patients with diabetes having animal fats for energy instead of carbohydrates

Just these three recommendations will decrease the health care cost by 10-30 per cent and at the same time increase the productivity in the medical sector.

This will definitively work without any problems e.g. in Sweden where we have what in the US is called “Socialized medicine”. The medical service is run by 21 regional health care authorities and the taxpayers put in slightly more than 10 % tax money to run the businesses.

We need a free Internet, not a strangled and censored Internet to reveal the fake advice

We need a lot of those honest and free spirits like Fred Kummerow, Uffe Ravnskov and many others to reveal the fake advice and straighten up the medical profession.

Björn Hammarskjöld
Assistant professor in Pediatrics
M.D., Ph.D.