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Game Over Or the Emperors New Clothes


The new Covid-19 bill is both unconstitutional and unnecessary. The pandemic is not a pandemic when adhering to the WHO's own definition. Our politicians have lost all minds and senses

A member of parliament following the Swedish constitution and rejects the government's unconstitutional proposals is a hero to be celebrated. A Member of Parliament who votes for the government's unconstitutional bill to become law is like a sheep following his herd, is no longer worthy of our trust and should resign immediately.


Note: This text was published in Swedish 2021-06-19 on and translated into English.


There was once an emperor named Dr. Tedros in the empire of WHO. The empire was always receiving new treasures in the form of tributes from many countries of the world and the emperor and his court were well off.

One day, one of the countries did not want to pay its large tribute to the emperor. The emperor was sad and asked others to pay a larger tribute.

One day, King Bill from the country of IT came and offered his country's tribute to the empire in exchange for a small favor.

The empire hired a Ferguson from another country who had a reputation in the past for being able to conjure with numbers. So that improbable numbers became probable and terrifying.

Ferguson embarked on his project to turn a common cold into a pandemic.

Computers are fast, and in a flash Dr Tedros had his forecast that met the requirements of a pandemic before there were even any cases of the cold. King Bill of IT was delighted and was able to build up his vaccine factories to be sure to get back many times over his tribute to the WHO.

As usual, everyone has seen what they want to see, that the emperor has nice clothes. Until a child can show that the emperor is naked.

That's easy.

The WHO definition of pandemic was changed in 2009 to:

A pandemic is when an infectious disease spreads over large parts of the world and affects a large proportion of the population in each country."

Immediately, a couple of questions arise:

What is the definition of "a large proportion of the population".

I and others believe that 30% should be the minimum definition of "a large proportion of the population".

If less than 30% are affected, it cannot by definition constitute a "large proportion of the population" and therefore lacks the criteria for a pandemic.

Globally, 178 million out of 7,700 million are claimed to have been tested PCR positive so far, 2.3% of the population affected by and in most cases recovering from Covid-19 in 16 months... Far from 30%.

Globally, 3.9 million out of 7 700 million people have died so far, 0.05% of the population that have died in total during 16 months from or with Covid-19. Far from 30%

What percentage of the population in Sweden has been affected by Covid-19?

At present, about 1 million people have been PCR positive. This means that 9.6% of the population has been affected by, and in most cases recovered from, Covid-19 over a period of 16 months.

According to Public Health Agency recommendations, people are normally infectious for about a week. This means that around 3 000-30 000 persons out of 10 million inhabitats i Sweden may be infectious each week.
On average, 0.1%, or 1 per thousand, of the Swedish population is infectious every single week 1.

At present, there are about 14 600 people who have died with a diagnosis of Covid-19 on their death certificate. This means that 0.14% of the population has died from or with Covid-19 in 16 months.

Conclusion: There has never been a pandemic with Covid-19 either globally nor in Sweden when we follow the WHO's own definition of a pandemic.

Why should the government now, when it is proven that Sweden has never had a Covid-19 pandemic, in great haste force a pandemic law that is contrary to the constitution and cannot even be adopted by the parliament according to our form of government 2 ? What does the Legislative Council say about the Covid-19 law?

But the law violates the Swedish constitution, which even the Chancellor of Justice seems to have missed 3.

Now that the vaccinations have started, even though there has not been a pandemic according to the WHO definition, I think that the members of the government and parliament should demonstrate the harmlessness of vaccination by being the first to vaccinate themselves.

Just as Boeing's management were the first to fly the Boeing 737 Max after revising the computer programmes following the fatal crashes two years ago.

If our members the government and parliament are afraid to take their vaccine, the members are rejecting the vaccine. Just do not forget that all members of government and parliament should take PCR and antibody tests before the first and two weeks after the second dose so that we all know that they have really received the vaccine and not something else. We do not trust anyone who wants to enforce laws that go against our constitution.

Once vaccination has achieved the target of 80% of the population over 70 years of age being vaccinated by 30 April 2021 4 there is no need for a law that is unconstitutional and cannot be passed by Parliament as before. Thus, the government would not even have to present the law to the Parliament and the MPs would have their Christmas holidays undisturbed.

There is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to stop contracting Covid-19 and other respiratory viruses within a month.

Ensure that everyone in Sweden receives vitamin D3 in the form of a capsule containing 1 250 micrograms (50 000 IU) of vitamin D3 per week. In Finland, all newborn babies were given 125 micrograms of vitamin D3 per day 5 in the 1950s and until 1964 without any side effects 6. See also Läkartidningen 7. If a newborn baby should have 125 micrograms of vitamin D3 then an adult should have 125 / 3 kg * 75 kg = 3 125 micrograms (125 000 IU) per day

The regions can certainly get enough of a discount to get it for less than 1 SEK per capsule of 1,250 micrograms (50 000 IU) , which is enough for each inhabitant to receive one capsule per week. It would cost about 50 SEK per year per person. Then the regions would not even need state support for population vaccination of SEK 275 plus cost per injection per vaccine dose.

In addition, almost no one will be on sick leave because of colds. This would save employers at least three sick days per employee per year.

The purchase of sufficient quantities of vitamin D3 by the regions would be considerably cheaper than vaccination and safety would increase manifold. All restrictions could be lifted and society could immediately return to all normal activities in accordance with Chapter 2, Sections 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the Constitution.

But that will not happen, the government has ignorantly tied itself into a 9+ billion SEK agreement that cannot be broken.

Björn Hammarskjöld
Assistant Professor of Paediatrics at Strömstad Akademi
Former senior physician in paediatrics
Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Stockholm University (1971)
Virologist and molecular biologist

070-385 09 33


2 RF 1 chapter 1 § 3 st Public power is exercised under the laws. (Translated into modern English: "Law shall be observed.")
Chapter 1, Section 9 Equality before the law, observance of objectivity and impartiality.
Chapter 2, Section 19, European Convention on Human Rights Section 19 A law or other regulation may not be issued in contravention of Sweden's obligations under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Act (2010:1408).
Chapter 11 Review of legislation Section 14 If a court finds that a regulation is contrary to a provision of the Constitution or another superior constitution, the regulation may not be applied. The same applies if the statutory order has been infringed in any material respect when the regulation was made.
When a law is reviewed in accordance with the first paragraph, particular account shall be taken of the fact that Parliament is the primary representative of the people and that the Constitution takes precedence over the law. Act (2010:1408).
Chapter 12 Review of legislation Section 10 If a public body finds that a regulation is contrary to a provision of the Constitution or another superior statute, the regulation may not be applied. The same applies if the statutory order has been infringed in any material respect when the regulation was made.
When a law is reviewed under the first paragraph, particular account shall be taken of the fact that Parliament is the primary representative of the people and that the Constitution takes precedence over the law. Act (2010:1408). (both the Government and the Riksdag are bodies within the meaning of the Act)

4 SKR and government agreement

5 Hyppönen E, Läärä E, Reunanen A, Järvelin MR, Virtanen SM. Intake of vitamin D and risk of type 1 diabetes: a birth-cohort study. Lancet 2001;358:1500 -3.

6 1 250 micrograms / 7 days / 179 micrograms = 5.6% of the Finnish dose of D3 for newborns

7 Mats Humble et al Läkartidningen

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Jag har blivit utsatt för påtryckningar att vaccinera mej mot "covid". Det har nånting med den nya deltavarianten att göra och att den är extra farlig och att utbrott av nya varianter på något sätt är vi ovaccinerades fel. Om vi förutsätter att "originalcovid" med tillhörande virus (SARS CoV-2) är verkligt, hur mycket skiljer sej "deltavarianten" från detta, och påverkar det sjukdomssymtomen och är man inte immun mot denna om man vaccinerat sej mot originalet?

Jag är jättetrött på all denna hysteri. Jag har läst boken "Virus Mania" och försökt hålla mej informerad på andra sätt alltsedan starten. Har absolut ingen lust att vaccinera mej på grundval av vad jag tagit reda på. Det känns som allt håller på att spåra ur rejält och att det inte spelar någon roll vad man tycker och tänker. Jag skulle uppskatta om ni kunde svara på detta. (synd att ni inte kunde komma till Karlstad, förresten ☹

Med Vänlig Hälsning,

Peter Andersson


Svar: Du har helt rätt. Deltavarianten visade sig vara mindre smittsam i England under sommaren 2021. Visserligen ökade andelen påstådda deltafall uppemot 90 % men antalet absoluta fall minskade kraftigt.De "80 % ovaccinerade på IVA" visar sig vara omkring 68 nyinskrivna på IVA under de första 15 dagarna i september.
De som räknas som ovaccinerade är alla ovaccinerade och allas som injicerats med första dosen upp till 21 dagar efter injektionen.. Detta är bedrägeri för injicerad med första dosen är man så fort nålen har gått in i huden, inte upp till 21 dagar senare!
Varianterna skiljer sig inte mycket och de som är "fullvaccinerade" smittar varandra. Se i Enköping där en fullvaccinerad gick till jobbet med sjukdomssymtom och smittade en kollega och tre vårdtagare som alla var fullvaccinerade. Indexfallet har avslutat sin anställning som det så vackert heter.
Ät dina vitamin D3 (minst 5 000 IE/125 mikrogram per dag). Vi ger nyfödingar om 3 kg 400 IE/10 mikrogram utan problem.
Vad motsvarar det för dos till vuxen?
400 IE/3 kg*75 kg=10 000 IE
Sedan är det brott mot Patientsäkerhetslagen 6 kapitlet 12, 13 och 14 §§ samt Offentlighets- och sekretesslag 25 kapitlet 1 § att försöka ta reda på annan persons vaccinationer och andra medicinska uppgifter.
Så det är bara att hävda att det är sekretessbelagt om jag är vaccinerad eller inte.
Sedan finns det sedan gammalt mediciner som i princip botar en virusinfektion.
D3, vitamin C i gramdoser flera gånger dagligen, budesonid (Ökar nyproduktionen av ytspänningnedsättande medel i lungblåsorna och tar kål på virus), Ivermectin och litet mer. Så det finns ingen anldning att vara rädd för Covid-19 eller andra influensaliknande infektioner.
Otillbörlig påverkan för att få folk att injicera sig är också lagbrott. Utpressningbrukar det kallas och är straffbart.
Vi måste använda de lagar som finns för att skydda oss själva.
Björn Hammarskjöld