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Where did our freedom go?

Before and during World War II the Nazis and Gestapo relied heavily on informants to control the population. Despite the the really tight network of human surveillance, the work of resistance groups could continue.


After the WWII the world community founded the United Nations and also instituted the Human Rights convention. The aim was to give more freedom to the world citizens despite some countries continued to be run by dictators.


Most of the totalitarian countires have become democracies since 1950. It sure has taken some time to reach democracy because the hunger for power among the leaders in a country is big. But those leaders don’t live forever.


Also, the European Union has its version of Human Rights called European Convention of Human Rights (ECMR) based on the UN Human Rights convention.


As Sweden in 1995 joined the EU those ECMR have been partially included in the Swedish Constitution. In 2009 the Lisabon Convention was signed by the EU countries in Stockholm as Sweden was the chair nation of EU at that time. In the Lisabon Convention was also the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (CFREU)included and accepted by all signatorees. CFREU is according to the Swedish constitution superior to the Swedish law. If a law is contrary to the rights in EU, then that law is obsolete.


Then comes World Health Organization and declares a pandemia.


Everybody seems to panic and politicians lock down country after country, prohibiting free travel in the EU despite CFREU Article 45 Freedom of movement and of residence.


Then we protect our elderly according to CFREU Article 25 The rights of the elderly.The Union recognises and respects the rights of the elderly to lead a life of dignity and independence and to participate in social and cultural life.


What did Sweden do? Many elderly got infected and of all persons that died due to Covid-19 more than 75 % had some kind of community supportive care. That kind of care keeps the eldely locked in (there is no time to help the elderly out into the sun to obtain enough vitamin D3 in the summer sunshine). Most elderly are also served meals according to the Swedish Food Authority recommendations that would be great for pigs but not good enough for human consumption with almost no vitamin C and vitamin D3. Those vitamins are shown to prevent 99+ % of the fatalities in Covid-19. Of course Sweden, like others, lacked protective gear to protect the elderly from being infected in the first place.


So the countries of EU have all abandoned the freedoms guaranteed by the CFREU despite the states have made promises to their citizens that the governmet shall obey CFREU.


The pandemia must be over in Sweden because as by July 20, 2020, since three days no patient has been transferred to an ICU due to Covid-19. The number of persons transferred to an ICU has linearly decreased since the peak of 48 admissions on April 1. Also the Covid-19 daily death toll peaked on April 8 (115 deaths that day) and there has been a linear decrease since then to reach almost zero deaths in mid July. The total death toll of Covid-19 is by July 20 a mere 0.056 % of the total population of 10.25 million inhabitants of Sweden. It’s not much more than the normal death numbers in upper and lower respiratory tract infections.


Another fact is that the Swedish premature deaths due to Covid-19 would have been much lower if our elderly had had a normal vitamin D3 level of at least 100 nmol/L (40 ng/mL). So there is no need to hasten a high priced vaccine when all we have to do is to ensure the vitamin D3 level to be more than 100 nmol/L by sun bathing and having a supplement of 100 mictrograms vitamin D3 per day.


The Central Statistical Bureau of Sweden shows in a graph the weekly mortality of 2020 compared to the mean of previous five years. As can be seen there are lower than normal deaths per week from the beginning of 2020 to week 12. A peak is found at week 15 and at week 27 the mortality numbers are back to normal and below. So the pandemic is over in Sweden and in a lot of European countries and China.


I want our freedom back now, the pandemic is over and we don’t have to wait for an unnessecary and expensive vaccine as long as there are enough vitamin D3 in our bodies.


The only conclusion to be drawn is that the governments of the European Union seems to be as totalitarian as some pre mid twentieth century governments.


To protest is much more difficult these days as we are all under surveillance. The ”useful ignorants” and other busybodies are still there to report you to the authorities but as long as we use our smart phones and computers Big Brothers have access to Big Data and know where you are and what you are doing.


Björn Hammarskjöld
Assistant professor in Pediatrics at Strömstad Academy
Former Chief in Pediatrics
Ph.D. in Biochemistry
Independent Senior Scientist in Nutrition


Numbers of reported deaths to SCB per week years 2015-2020.

Average number of deaths per day

Diagram from

Read 2020-07-20